Salt Brine

Salt Brine is simply salt dissolved in water with an ending concentration or salinity of 23.3%

Using sodium chloride brine (salt brine) can save you a substantial amount of money in applied material costs while dramatically increasing coverage area by more than 3X regular white salt.   

Pretreating pavement with salt brine prior to a snow event can drastically reduce the time it takes to reach bare pavement, by acting as an anti-bonding agent. Ice and snow peel from the pavement, eliminating need to scrape and reapply.    

Brine is 10X more effective than deicing with salt and uses 1/3 to ¼ less material.    

We sell Salt Brine by the gallon at our yard! or we deliver!

With a brine mixer at our location we have the capability to supply anyone on long island with salt brine.

We can apply it!

If your company is interested in using salt brine but not ready for the investment in a spray system we will do it for you! We have multiple spray trucks capable of  pre treating for you.

We can Supply it!

We can set you up with storage tanks of all sizes and deliver anything from 100 gallons to 4500 gallons!

We Sell it!

We sell Brine..

in, 55 gallons drums

in, IBC Totes holding 275 gallons

or by the gallon to fill your own spray rig

We Teach it!

Interested in training your crew on liquids? We would love to help. Here at polar we know liquids are new for most contractors and we can give your team literature or hands on training to be more familiar with the rules of using liquids.